With over 90 years of Experience in the Fabric Industry, Nandlal Vijaykumar is a Family Owned and Managed Business that manufactures and trades in Premium Cotton and Linen Shirting Fabrics, while operating in the heart of Mumbai’s Fabric Industry. Being India's leading Fabric Distributor, we cater to a Wide Spectrum of Customers such as Retailers, E-commerce companies, Garment Manufacturers, Designers and Fashion Houses in the Domestic and International Markets.


We stock over 3000 Designs, and hence provide the Widest Range of Shirting Fabrics in the Industry, including Never-out-of-Stock Collections, Trend-led items and Seasonal products for all Shirting needs. Each Fabric is carefully selected for Quality, Consistency and Reliability to ensure that our customer gets the Best possible Quality at the most Competitive Price. 
Be it an Upcoming Designer or an Established Manufacturer, we provide every customer with Quality, Integrity and Transparency and ensure that their information is always kept Confidential. Our Efficiency and Speed has helped earn us immense recognition in the Industry with regards to our Customer Service.


While we Trade in a plethora of different brands, we are the Official Agents and Distributors for Morarjee Textiles Ltd, Vaughann & Pickett, Baruche and Cirocco.

Founded in 1871, Morarjee Textiles Ltd is a leading player in the Premium and High Value Cotton Shirting Business. As Agents for this World-class, Environmental-Friendly and Fully Integrated Textile Company, we have set-up a Comprehensive Distribution Channel to sell a diverse basket of Counts, Weaves, Designs and Finishes suitable for Formal and Casual Wear. These Fabrics are produced from 100% Egyptian Cotton of Extra Long Staple Length with Counts ranging from Single 50s to Two-ply 200s. These include Shirting fabrics in Cotton, Linen, Cotton Linen, Cotton Lycra, Prints as well as Cotton Suiting fabrics.

An Exclusive Italian Fabric, woven with Super Luxurious 100% Supima Cotton with Superfine Double Twisted Yarn Counts ranging from 2-ply 160s to 2-ply 220s, this Fabric and its Collection has a Timeless appeal that showcases Class, Quality and Sophistication. The Spirit of Luxury echoes in its presentation with Leather folders and well-designed Hand-tags and Labels. Available only at a handful of the Top stores in the Country and around the World, owning a Vaughann & Pickett Shirt truly puts you in a Class apart to the Elite.

Curation of the Best Fabrics from around the World using the most Cutting-edge Manufacturing Techniques. Beautifully Designed Folders distributed on request for the Domestic & International Markets. The selection of the best raw materials is the first step in ensuring the quality of our fabrics. We provide high-quality fabrics by selecting the most valuable natural raw materials and employing cutting-edge technology and stringent quality controls at every stage of the manufacturing process. Luxurious Fabrics with Timeless Appeal! Stay up to date on Latest Trends and Styles though Instagram

A Unique Collection of Exceptional Shirting Fabrics which are in line with Current Trends and represent must haves in the Wardrobe. Exclusive Designs and combination of Classic Colors made from the Finest Giza Cotton Yarn aim to bring Lavish Grandeur to Craftsmanship and will add a touch of Gusto to your Wardrobe. Look out for the Latest Innovations in Distinctive Fabrics with Creative High Fashion Themes in Jacquards, Colors and Weaves in Singles and Two-Ply. 

Our Core Values

Being in a largely Unorganised Industry, we ensure that our Business practices are truly Organised, Transparent and Ethical. People trust us to adhere to our word.


We Measure, Monitor, Analyze and Improve Productivity, Processes and Tasks to ensure that our final product is of the Utmost Quality.


Our Customer is KING and we strive hard to earn their Trust and Respect on every project we undertake.

  1. This marked the 85th year of the Family Business and Nandlal Vijaykumar decided to renovate the head-office in Kalbadevi in celebration of this fact. With the vision of 100 years in mind, the newly renovated office is one of kind in the heart of Mumbai’s Textile Industry in Kalbadevi, and is equipped with all the facilities expected from an International Corporate office. NVK continues making every effort to provide their customers with great products and services, and work just as hard to make sure they are getting the right products that fit their needs.

  2. Introduced an Exclusive Italian brand - Vaughan & Pickett. Woven with super luxurious Supima cotton with counts ranging from 160s to 220s, this fabric and its collection has a timeless appeal. This is available only at the handful of the Top stores in the Country and around the World.

  3. Karan, along with his father grew the business by 30% year-on-year, marking the most successful years in the Family Business. This was backed by Awards each year for “Highest Sales” and “Top Performances”. This was achieved by starting numerous new products like Jacquards, High-count fabrics, Melange, Cotton-Silk, Cotton Suitings and the like. All of these were branded with official selvedge which was the first in the Country.   

  4. Vijay’s only son – Karan joined the business as the 4th Generation of the Family. An I.T. Engineer by profession, Karan began his career with Pangea3 (a division of Thompson Reuters) for Technology Consulting, Business development and Client management. His vision for the business was to bring new technologies and concept practises to old processes and systems.

  5. Morajee started the Two-tier system of Fabric distribution in Mumbai. The very next year, Nandlal Vijaykumar joined the Two-tier system. In 2003, when Morarjee shut down the Mumbai unit and shifted to Nagpur, NVK continued doing business with them as a wholesaler. In 2009 the Two-tier system was restarted in Nagpur and the very next year, NVK joined the system.  

  6. This was a defining year in Vijay’s business life. He started business with Morarjee Mill and stopped his work with all the other Mills. He formed Nandlal Vijaykumar and concentrated all his efforts on Men’s shirting with Morarjee, becoming the 2nd largest dealer of Morarjee in 2 years. 

  7. Nandiram’s youngest son - Vijay entered the business, making him the 3rd Generation to enter the Family Business. Together they took care of the Madhusudan, Hukamchand and Empress Mills business. Vijay had done his Bachelors of Science (BSC) before entering the Textile Industry. He used his scientific mind to get into the depths of the Technical details and today is a regarded as a Guru/PhD in the Textile space.

  8. Nandiram separated from his brothers and continued the business from the M. J. Market shop in Bombay as well as Astoria Chakla in Ahmedabad. The business now concentrated on Ghaghrapath print for ladies from Calico Dyeing and Digvijay Mills, mainly catering to Saurashtra. In the next few years, the business comprised of NTC Mills, Jupiter, Seksaria, Appolo, Digvijay and Madhusudhan.

  9. Almost a decade later, Dwarka Mulchandani -  the 3rd eldest brother entered into the Family business and started Nandlal Dwarkadas, along with his brothers. They ventured into retailing of Men’s and Women’s Mill Fabrics from their offices in Navi Gully and Sheikh Menon Street. The youngest 2 of the 5 brothers – Hari and Durga also entered the business during this time.  

  10. Keshow Mulchandani then entered the business, and together with his elder brother Nandiram, expanded their Family business by starting an Export office called Tulsidas Tahilram India Export. The office was located at Dadi Seth Agiary lane and dealt in prints for women’s dresses and other garments.

  11. The entry of the second generation into the business was when Nandiram Tahilram Mulchandani, the eldest of 5 sons, entered the business at a very young age and took charge of the whole setup.

  12. Our journey in the Textile Industry was started by Tahilram Tulsidas Mulchandani in Karachi. He parallelly set up an office in Bombay for Trading in Textiles of Indian and Imported goods from Japan and other countries. The office was situated at M. J. Market, Chandra Chowk, where we still as of today proudly operate our Shirt-piece division.